Fall Fun 2016 in Western Pennsylvania

Fall Fun 2016 in Western PA

As fall winds its way down and we start thinking of Christmas and snow, I wanted to share some interesting things we’ve done in western Pennsylvania this October! (I may possibly just be trying to get the focus of Election 2016 as well)

The boys are into full swing with hockey this year! Both boys are playing for two teams which leaves us running from one cold rink to the next with practices at 5am at times for the 7 year old who is a Mite (8U). The oldest is in middle school, so these games can start at 9:15pm on a school night one hour away from home. Our daughter has amazed us by scoring 9s on every event in the three meets they have had already and keeps breaking her own personal record for her all around score. She’s placed first a few times already and been on the podium for every event at all the meets so far this year! We are so proud of her hard work!

Between the sports, we have been able to do some fall experiences.
We returned to our favorite pumpkin patch, Goodman Family Farms, which is a few minutes off of route 70 in the small town of Ruffs Dale, Pa. They have a variety of sizes of pumpkins with very reasonable costs. They will run hayrides on the weekends for $5 a person. They keep their schedule updated on their Facebook page. 

They have a Corn Maze which is $5 per person. Our boys could not find their way out of the corn maze! It is well worth the money. 

They also have a Boo Barn which is $5 per person. The Boo Barn is a maze of 16 spooky rooms with no live actors, so it is a good choice if you have children who don’t want to be scared by people.  If you do all three, it is $13.  We were lucky enough to get to see some brand new baby kittens that were just born. The family lives right there on the property, and they have livestock they show at the local fair every summer.

We took our kids to their first haunted house the weekend before Halloween. This is quite different from the haunted houses that operate for profit. They choose a charity to donate all of their profit to each year. Panera Bread donates hot chocolate, coffee, and cookies for the patrons. It is at someone’s house on Route 136 in Greensburg, Pa. We paid then waited around a bonfire for our group number to be called. We were then transported via a wagon that was pulled by an ATV. 

Many people jumped out and scared us on the way. Then we went to the “haunted house” through the rooms, which were scary, but not too scary for all of the kids that went with us.  We had a lot of fun and all the money went to the Autism Soceity of America.
We went to Triple B Farms for their Fall Festival the last week of October. It is in Monongahela, Pa, which is just 15 miles from Pittsburgh. 

The Fall Festival is $13 per child and $8 per adult and includes a storybook pumpkinland, boo barn, corn maze, two giant slides, rope maze, hay bale jumps, meeting the farm animals, observation beehive, farm playground, and a hayride.  

You also can pick your own pumpkins and apples for an additional fee. It was a very fun experience that had a range of activities which is great for kids who live in the city or suburbs and don’t get to see farms often. 

We are looking forward to two travel hockey tournaments coming up soon and Christmas! Stay tuned!

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