Book Review: Three Days Missing by Kimberly Belle


If you are looking for a gripping thriller, here it is! Kimberly Belle does it again. I loved The Marriage Lie. The last page of that book just totally blindsided me!


And she did it again with the last chapter of Three Days Missing. Again I was just hit unexpectedly with a surprising twist!


Kat is a single mom of a gifted child, Ethan, who is heading on a camping trip with his school. Kat just went through a traumatic divorce from her husband, Andrew, and she struggles financially. Kat wakes up in the middle of the night with a police officer at her door…….which is every mother’s nightmare. Ethan is missing from his overnight camping trip with his class.

The perspective shifts to Stef, who is the polar opposite of Kat. Stef is the mayor’s wife…….rich and beautiful.

Once the police investigation begins, Stef and Kat’s paths cross. They become connected through this tragedy.

My thoughts:

I’ve been so lucky lately to have read some really suspenseful books! This was another must-read thriller for 2018. I’m starting to think that you can’t go wrong with Kimberly Belle. The last chapter of this book just completely surprised me and ended the book with a bang!

As a parent, it pained me to read this book. I can only imagine the pain of a parent whose child is lost. Thankfully the pace of the book is extremely fast-paced and suspenseful, so the reader gets a conclusion quickly by reading it fast!

I gave this 5/5 stars on Goodreads. Definitely go and buy this book or get from your library as soon as you can!! Then carve out some reading time for yourself and let yourself become a part of Kat’s quest to find Ethan.


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