Book review: The Spires by Kate Moretti


Penelope is in a tumultuous time in her life; her husband is unemployed and her two teenagers are………well like normal teens.

One of Penelope’s old roommates shows up at her house escaping an abusive relationship. Willa’s arrival brings a plethora of memories regarding the time when Willa and Penelope lived with three other roommates in a renovated church and called themselves “The Spires.” This group had a dysfunctional feeling, and their ending was abrupt and tragic.

Now Penelope can’t shake the feeling that something is off with Willa’s entrance into her home and her intrusions with her family.

My Thoughts:

Kate Moretti books are always a solid win for me with great characters and a great plot that differs from the normal plots of modern day thrillers.

I definitely did not see this ending coming! This will surprise any reader with the shocking plot twist!

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