Book Review: Watching You by Lisa Jewell


Melville Heights is an upper class neighborhood in England where all the neighbors have secrets. Joey Mullen and her new husband have moved in with her brother and new wife who is expecting. Another neighbor, who is a teenage boy, has been spying on the neighborhood and has noticed Joey having an interest in his father. His father is Tom, who is the headmaster of the local private school. Another neighbor, Jenna, is skeptical of Tom because he has been showing interest in another student.

My Thoughts:

This reminded me a lot of The Girls in the Garden. It examines one small neighborhood by many different perspectives that keep you guessing about what is going on. The title fit this book perfectly. This is a very clever book that kept me in suspense. I definitely did not guess the events they unfolded in this novel. If you like suspenseful and tense mysteries with multiple perspectives to develop a storyline, you will enjoy this book!

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