Book review: The Party by Robyn Harding


The Party is a domestic novel about how one bad decision can change the future for many people. Kim Sanders is the perfect wife living in a beautiful mansion in San Francisco. On the night of Hannah’s 16th birthday, Kim hosts a sleepover for her daughter and her friends. After her parents go to bed, Hannah and her friends make poor choices that will result in their lives never being the same again. Kim and Jeff’s deepest secrets will arise and the perfect family is shown not to be as perfect as it seems.

My Thoughts:

I heard so many mixed reviews about this book, so I had to give it a shot to see what it was all about.

This would be a great vacation or plane ride read. It is engrossing and keeps your attention. The hardest part about this book is how absolutely horrific every character is. I don’t think there was one decent human being in this book!

It is thought provoking and makes you think back to decisions growing up and how one event can change the fate of one’s life.

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