Hush Collection: Short Story Reviews

Murder, missing people, psychics, serial killers, unreliable narrators……….what else could a thriller junkie like myself ask for??!

This collection of six short stories to read on Kindle with Audible narration is offered free to Prime members and $5.94 for the entire collection if you don’t have Prime. I have individual reviews for each book also in the last few entries. I listened and read to them in combination, and it took me about a week or so to finish them all. They are quick reads, but they all are definitely great thrillers!

My ranking of my favorite short stories from the Hush Collection:

1. Slow Burner by Laura Lippman

2. Let Her Be by Lisa Unger

3. Snowflakes by Ruth Ware

4. The Gift by Alison Gaylin

5. Treasure by Oyinkan Braithwaite

6. Buried by Jeffrey Deaver

If you read the Hush Collection, which one did you like best??

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