Audible book review: Hold Your Breath by Wendy Walker


Wendy Walker delivers a short novella only available on Audible. Dr. Forrester is an experienced psychiatrist who begins talking with Gabby Ashford. Gabby is recovering from an attack, which seems to be connected to two other attacks on women who were drugged at a bar and found dead in their bathtubs. Gabby was found in her bathtub, but surprisingly she survived.

Gabby checked herself into a rehab facility to try to recover her memories of the night she was found in the bathtub. Dr. Forrester attempts to help Gabby by talking with her, her brother, and her fiancé. He unfolds secrets in Gabby’s past and tries to work through the events that night to find out who is the serial killer.

My Thoughts:

Wendy Walker for the win again!

This book was fascinating and is designed around the perspective of Dr. Forrester. The plot structure is done extremely well to completely shock the reader at the very end.

I highly recommend this short Audible read. It is only 2.5 hours long and is packed with all the elements of a great psychological thriller.

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