5 reasons why you should visit the Charleston area now!

5 reasons why you should visit the 
Charleston area now!
Ravenal Bridge
Last week Travel and Leisure voted Charleston, SC the #1 Best City in North America.  We couldn’t have been more excited! We visited the area last summer and absolutely loved it. We are headed back this summer.
1. The Historic Homes and Streets
Rainbow Row


Calhoun Mansion

There are so many homes and buildings to look at whether you are on foot, car, or by carriage. The architecture is so interesting, and there are plaques on a lot of the buildings explaining the history of the building. I would just suggest not doing it in the afternoon if you are visiting in the summertime. Last summer, we were roasting when we were visiting in the late afternoon!


2. The Carriage Rides

 We chose the Palmetto Carriage Tour for our Carriage ride last summer. It was $25 per adult and $15 per child. Each carriage guide takes you on a different route. If your ride is in the evening, you are not going to see any of the residential areas though. It is not permitted in the city to go through the residential areas in the evenings. We rode through about 25 blocks of the downtown area and heard many amazing and interesting facts about the city. 

Palmetto Carriage Ride Headquarters
3. The Food
I can’t even begin to explain how good the food is in Charleston. We did not have one bad meal the entire week that we were in the Charleston area. My favorite food in Charleston is shrimp and grits. The best shrimp and grits I had was at Magnolia’s.  
Our favorite dinner out as a family was Fleet Landing. It is a bustling restaurant on the water that is a laid back place for a family with kids. 
Shrimp and Grits at Magnolia’s
4. The Beaches
We stayed in Isle of Palms which is about a 20 minute drive to Charleston. We easily drove into Charleston almost every evening for dinner. We stayed at a condo in Wild Dunes. We loved the resort and relaxed vibe of the island. There were no chain restaurants, arcades, or mini golf. This is exactly what we wanted in a week at the beach! There is a Harris Teeter grocery store on the island that has everything you need for a week at the beach. On your way to Charleston, there is a Target and some shopping plazas if you need more specific items.
Summerhouse building in Wild Dunes






5. Many plantations to visit
We chose the Boone Hall Plantation to tour the week we visited. One reason was it was the closest to Wild Dunes. Another reason was that so many movies were filmed there, especially one of my favorites The Notebook! It is $25 per adult and $12 for children 5-12 years old to tour. You only get to tour the downstairs of the home though. We enjoyed the presentation on “Exploring the Gullah Culture” to hear some songs and stories passed down through the generations of African slaves. There are Slave Cabins that you can explore to learn more about the history of slavery and slavery particularly at Boone Hall Plantation. 
Boone Hall Plantation
Slave Cabins


Famous road approaching Boone Hall Plantation


This summer we are planning to do a mansion tour inside one of the mansions, possibly a ghost walk tour in the evening of downtown Charleston, and the boys are going to do surf lessons one day on Folly Beach!
Can’t wait to return!!

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