Book Review: Playing Nice by JP Delaney


One morning, a man shows up at Pete Riley’s door to explain to him that his son was switched at birth. Apparently Theo was switched with Mike Lambert’s son. Pete and Maddie are confused and devastated at what happened when the two boys were switched in the neonatal intensive care unit. Once the families begin to investigate and plan to sue the hospital, many agencies begin to investigate the families and some disturbing information begins to arise. Pete and Maddie are ready to do anything to protect their family.

My Thoughts:

I got to finish this Mother’s Day morning with the amazing meal my daughter cooked me!

As usual, JP Delaney does not write a disappointing book! This book kept me in suspense wondering what secret will come up next regarding the custody battle. I can’t imagine being in the position of possibly losing my own child!

I definitely recommend this suspenseful book for your list of summer reads!

This book will be released on July 28, 2020. I was lucky enough to get a free advanced reader’s copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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