Book review: Follow Me by Kathleen Barber


Audrey Miller is a social influencer in her 20s who just moved to Washington DC after living in NYC for a few years.

Audrey reconnects with an old college classmate who lives in DC named Cat. Cat is opposite of Audrey; Cat is a hard working and intense lawyer. Audrey and Cat begin to spend a lot more time together. Audrey also reconnects with an old boyfriend named Nick, who Cat is not fond of.

Once Audrey moves into her new apartment, some creepy and chilling events begin to occur. Audrey can’t figure out if it is just the odd grandson of her landlord, or if she has a stalker.

My Thoughts:

Similar to You, this book will make you question how much you share on social media! This is such a creepy and suspenseful book that makes you want to yell, “Audrey, what are you doing?????”

Some of her decision making skills were so poor that I couldn’t handle it!!

This is an awesome thriller that everyone needs to read this summer!!!

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