Book review: The Arrangement by Robyn Harding


Natalie is a struggling art student living in New York City. Her roommates are not too happy at the fact that Natalie is behind on the bills. Natalie’s friend in art school suggests she join her working for a sugar daddy website that she’s been making thousands of dollars from.

Eventually Natalie meets Gabe in her new endeavors. Gabe is a rich man in an unhappy marriage, but Gabe has no intention of leaving his life.

Natalie plummets into a deep hole of heavy drinking and obsession with Gabe and his family. This dark hole ultimately ends in a murder in Natalie’s circle.

My Thoughts:

Similar to Robyn Harding’s other book I read The Party, The Arrangement is a bit dark and does not have a clean and happy ending.

The storyline is interesting and intriguing, but the book does get a little confusing towards the end and is pretty dark and dismal.

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