Book review: When I Was You by Amber Garza


Will the real Kelly Medina please stand up??!

Kelly Medina gets a phone call from a pediatrician to confirm a doctor appointment. This accidental phone call stung because Kelly’s only son left for college a year ago. Kelly realized after some digging that there is another woman who has recently moved to her town with a baby also named Kelly Medina.

After the two Kellys meet, a friendship is formed. The younger Kelly Medina and her baby fill a void that the older Kelly Medina is missing. But this friendship is not long lasting when secrets come to the surface.

My Thoughts:

I was pleasantly surprised by this book that had twist after twist that kept coming until the very last page.

This obsessive psychological thriller keeps the suspense going throughout the book and is very quick paced.

I definitely recommend this thriller!

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