Book review: The Stalker by Sarah Alderson


Laura and Liam are finally able to take their honeymoon after tragedy strikes right after their wedding, and it had to be postponed.

The newlyweds head to a remote island off the coast of Scotland. At first, this seems as if it will be a quiet and romantic trip.

After some exploring around the island, they found that the island has experienced tragedy. Shortly after they receive a threatening written message, and they realize they are not alone.

Thank you to Netgalley and Avon Publishing for the advanced reader’s copy of The Stalker.

My Thoughts:

I am not sure how to review this because it started out really well and was very eerie. The last 25% or so of the book got a little confusing, and I needed to go back and reread a few parts to try to make sense of what happened. It was very fast paced and suspenseful throughout the whole book.

I enjoyed the last two books by Sarah Alderson more than The Stalker, but I definitely am a fan of her writing and style!

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