Book review: The Hunting Wives by May Cobb


Sophie and her husband decide to leave the big city of Chicago to raise their little boy in a small town in Texas.

The community is beautiful upper class small town. Sophie misses the hustle and bustle of her high profile job, and she’s having trouble settling in until she meets a new group of ladies.

Beautiful Margot Banks leads a clique who call themselves The Hunting Wives. Sophie joins this clique and becomes entwined in this dangerous group of women’s late night parties which eventually take a disastrous turn.

My Thoughts:

Talk about housewives behaving badly!! There was not one likable character in this novel……it got downright uncomfortable at times when some of the women get intimate with high school boys.

I have pretty mixed feelings about this book. It had a great premise but just went over the line at times with the content.

It was a different plot than the usual storylines that most of the books I read have, and the author is talented in creating extremely despicable characters, but it wasn’t a great fit for me.

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