Book review: The Perfect Family by Robyn Harding


Thomas and Viv look as if they live in the perfect house with the perfect family. (I feel like this has been a common theme the last 2 years in a lot of these psychological thrillers!!)

One morning, they wake up and their house has been “egged.” Initially this is thought to be a teenage prank……..until the smoke bomb and tires are slashed.

The security cameras are no help; the police are no help.

As the secrets are revealed by each family member to the reader, one can only guess who is terrorizing this family since everyone seems to be keeping some pretty serious secrets.

My Thoughts:

Robyn Harding always delivers a book that you cannot put down, and it keeps your interest until the very end.

I was turning the pages like crazy to find out who was responsible for all of these “pranks.”

The ending seemed a bit of a let down though……I was definitely expecting more to the story of who was causing this family so much stress and grief.

It was definitely a good read and kept my attention, but I did have higher expectations for the ending.

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