Book review: People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry


Poppy and Alex have been going on a weeklong vacation together for 10 years. They are complete opposites. He is calm; she is wild. He would rather stay home; she wants to party. She lives in NYC; he teaches in their small town.

Something happened two years ago which led the friends to stop their trips. Poppy eventually begs Alex to do one more vacation together.

My Thoughts:

This was a really cute vacation read! It was a little confusing at times how it jumped around from year to year from past to present, but the ending made up for it with a romantic encounter at the end.

This is a quick and easy book to read on a trip. Any reader knows what to expect when picking up this book, but these books fit into perfect times in our lives on a trip where we just want a feel-good romance.

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