Book review: The Baby Shower by SE Lynes


Jane and her husband Frankie are struggling to get pregnant. Jane has a close knit group of friends that are a nice escape from reality when they go running together and have dinner and drinks. The group of friends that any woman would love to have.

Sophie is one of those friends. But Sophie brings along a new friend named Lexie to their group. For some reason, this girl does not like Jane!

Quickly things begin to unravel between Sophie and Jane. Is Jane imagining that Lexie is trying to sabotage her friendship with Sophie and disassemble their group? Or is Lexie really this toxic?

My Thoughts:

This was a quick and easy read that I got through in about a day or two.

It’s an entertaining read about toxic friendships and drama that is a quick read.

I enjoyed this book and definitely will try another one by SE Lynes.

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