Book review: The Breakdown by BA Paris

I was lucky enough to receive an Advance Reader Edition of The Breakdown by BA Paris this spring. I was so excited because I absolutely loved Behind Closed Doors that I read last summer.

I saved this book for the beach because I usually read on my Kindle, but I won’t take the Kindle to the pool or beach.

This book was extremely suspenseful and I started it early on a Tuesday morning and finished it by Wednesday night (I was on vacation so I did have some extra time).

This book begins with a newly married young lady, Cass, on her way home one evening. Her husband warned her not to take a shortcut through the woods to their house. She told him she would not take the shortcut; however, she took it anyway. She saw a car sitting on the side of the road with a young woman in it, but she did not stop because it was raining hard and she thought it could be a trap.

The next morning, she sees on the news that a woman was murdered in the woods in that very spot she saw the car. Cass has trouble dealing with the guilt in this situation and also starts to experience some forgetfulness.

Is she going crazy? Who can she trust?

This is an excellent thriller. I highly recommend this book!!


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