Book Review: After Anna by Lisa Scottline

945F8EA3-AB14-48E6-BAA9-FCB8F57BCA65.jpegSome of Lisa Scottoline’s books are hit or miss with me, but this one was definitely one of her better books!

Noah is a doctor and father of one whose wife passed away a few years ago after a battle with cancer. Maggie is happily married to Noah, but she has been separated from her daughter for years after a divorce and battle with post-pardum psychosis.

Maggie’s daughter, Anna, contacts her and wishes to reunite. Bringing Anna into their lives ends up being the worst mistake they could make!

There were a few choppy parts and the ending seemed a little rushed. I enjoyed how it was set up flashing back and forth from past to present. The storyline is pretty unbelievable and unrealistic, but I have to remember it is fiction.

It was a decent book that I read pretty quickly during a weekend and a pretty long goalie clinic for my youngest!



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