Book Review: Bring Me Back by BA Paris



This is the third summer in a row that I’ve read a new book by BA Paris. I was fortunate enough to receive all three of them free as Advance Reader’s Copies from St. Martin’s Press.

I did like this novel, but if I was ranking the other two novels, this would be in 3rd place.

The novel starts with the story of Finn and Layla…….a young couple in love and on vacation……..and after a stop at a gas station, Layla disappears while Finn is inside.

Ten years later, we are introduced to Finn’s new fiancé, who is Layla’s sister Ellen. Ellen and Finn begin to get signs that Layla is still alive and terrorizing them.

Some things are not as they seem…….was Finn telling the truth about what happened ten years ago? Why would Layla come back now? What happened between Layla and Ellen?

I gave this 4 stars on Goodreads. It is a quick read that keeps you on the edge of your seat………or in my case, I finished it at a hockey tournament, and it kept me on the end of the bleacher seat.


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