Book review: The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand

Dare I say this may be my favorite Elin Hilderbrand book? The Winter Street series had been my favorite books by her, but I loved the “whodunnit” set up of this novel for a summer easy read. 

Of course it is set on Nantucket (which I would love to visit!!) in the midst of wedding season. The wealthy Winbury Family is hosting their son’s wedding at their oceanfront estate. The morning of the wedding, one of the members of the wedding party is found dead floating in the water! 

This is a fun read if you’ve read Hilderbrand’s other novels because she has some characters pop up from her past books. 

There were some things from the police investigation that left me a bit puzzled and unfinished, but when I reading Hilderbrand, I don’t have the expectation of when I am reading a thriller. The purpose of this book is to read a fun, light, summer read. 

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