Book Review: Final Girls by Riley Sager-winner of 2018 International Thriller Writers Award for the Best Hardcover Novel

There’s a reason this book won the 2018 INTERNATIONAL THRILLER WRITERS AWARD FOR BEST HARDCOVER NOVEL………it is quite a thriller!


Ten years ago, Quincy went away on a birthday trip to Pine Cottage with some friends and was the only one to survive. It is a classic horror movie storyline-college kids on a weekend away, all the people on the trip are slashed to death except one girl……the final girl. Quincy becomes known in the media as one of the “Final Girls.” Quincy, along with Sam and Lisa who both survived similar massacres, are linked together as members as a club that nobody wants to belong to known as the “Final Girls.”

Quincy is handling life by staying in her apartment she shares with her fiancé, Jeff, baking most of the time and taking her Xanax. Quincy has kept a relationship with Coop, the police officer that saved her the night of the massacre. When Coop comes to visit to let Quincy know that Lisa committed suicide, then soon after the suicide, Sam shows up at Quincy’s apartment building, Quincy’s life is turned upside down. What really happened the night of the massacre in Pine Cottage? What is Sam doing visiting her? Is Sam telling the truth about everything?

My thoughts:

This was reminiscent of the movie Scream; classic horror storyline with a twist. I had an inkling of clues that led me to believe that some of the characters weren’t who they said they were. I really enjoyed the suspense in this though! It was exciting and thrilling. It flashes back and forth between the present and back to the night of Pine Cottage from Quincy’s point of view.

I gave this 4/5 stars on Goodreads. It was a quick and easy thriller that I finished in just a few days.

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