Book Review: Trust Me by Hank Phillips Ryan


Mercer is a grieving widow and mother who lost both her husband and daughter in an accident. Mercer is living a depressing, dark life since they’ve died when she’s contacted to write a piece on a young mother who is accused of murdering her daughter.

My Thoughts:

Crime procedural books are usually not my first choice in selecting fiction. Hank Philippi Ryan is a talented author who has been an investigative reporter, which is evident in the novel. It was a difficult read due to the topic of the death of Mercer’s daughter and also the murdered girl. Since I have younger children, I often have trouble reading books with the topic of children who have been killed. The storyline is very similar to the Casey Anthony storyline. If you enjoy books that follow the storyline of a journalist researching a crime, you would enjoy this. It wasn’t my favorite just due to my personal tastes, but it was very well written.

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