Book Review: The Last Time I Saw You by Liv Constantine


Dr. Kate English grew up in a wealthy family and has grown up to have the perfect life. She has a handsome husband and an adorable daughter. She lives in a beautiful home and has a successful career.

Kate’s perfect life is abruptly halted when her mother is murdered in her own home. Kate is devastated at this tragedy and is comforted by her estranged best friend, Blaire.

In the days following, Kate receives a threatening text message from an anonymous source.

Blaire comes to the side of Kate by investigating the threats coming to Kate. Information begins to surface that Kate’s parents are not as perfect as it all seems. Blaire begins to question Kate’s friends and family and goes beyond


My Thoughts:

I was prepared for this to be more of a psychological thriller as her last book, but I think it could be categorized as more of a domestic drama that has a mystery as the conflict. There were parts of this that confused me while Blaire searched for the killer. Eventually it all made sense and came together with a satisfying ending that I enjoyed. I was definitely surprised with the ending although now that I think about it, I missed some clues to the outcome. Liv Constantine definitely can always tell a good story!

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