Book Review: The First Mistake by Sandie Jones


The First Mistake introduces the readers to Alice, a widow who has overcome her tragedy and finally found happiness. Alice is an entrepreneur who is finally in a happy marriage after the death of her first husband. Alice and her new husband, Nathan, have worked together in the business she started with her husband. Nathan and Alice are working hard to develop a new project in Japan. Alice’s best friend, Beth, is a shoulder for Alice to lean on and their daughters are the best of friends. When Nathan begins to act strange, Alice looks to Beth for advice. What happens next is a shocking revelation that twists out of control quickly.

My Thoughts:

This would be a great beach or vacation read. It is predictable but twisty. I have to say that I enjoyed Sandie Jones’ first book a lot more than this one; although, I did like this book. It has to be hard as an author to have such an amazing book with rave reviews and then have to live up to the hype by coming out with another book (especially as quickly as this one came out!)  I definitely really enjoy Sandie Jones’ style of writing and her character development. She really explores and conveys the inner feelings of a woman and the struggles that we experience in our personal lives.  I would not categorize this as a suspense or thriller book; it would be best categorized as a domestic drama. If you like Taylor Jenkins Reid, Kristin Hannah, or Jane Green, this would be a good choice for you!


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