Book review: Summer of 69 by Elin Hilderbrand



The year 1969 was an iconic year in which America saw Woodstock, a Kennedy scandal, racism, and Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. As Hilderbrand’s books usually are laid out, this novel follows a family with secrets and rumors that the older generation remains kept locked up. The children in the Levin family always spend their summers at their grandmother’s home in Nantucket. This year things are different. Blair is pregnant with twins are stuck in Boston. Tiger is deployed to Vietnam. Kirby is headed to Martha’s Vineyard to work with her best friend. Jessie is left home at her awkward age of thirteen to live with her grandmother. Hilderbrand cleverly twists in historical events in with the fictional family’s turmoil and storyline.

My Thoughts:

Is it really summer if you don’t read an Elin Hilderbrand book?! This one was one of my favorite books of Hilderbrand. The characters are developed so well with much detail into the thoughts and feelings of each character. The reader will become entranced in their individual thoughts and personal struggles that each character faces that summer.

Elin Hilderbrand has an art for creating an entire family’s many personalities that complement each character’s traits. These fictional families that she creates become a part of the reader and allow the reader to fall in love with each member of the family. The details and development of the many characters throughout her books is skillful considering many authors attempt this art and the characters get lost in the books. Somehow Hilderbrand has mastered this art, and she does it with dazzling effort!

This is a perfect beach read that I highly recommend for those who enjoy Hilderbrand’s books.


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