Book review: Don’t Ever Tell by Lucy Dawson


Charlotte is a successful author, married with children, and navigating through life with ease……….or so it looks from the outside world. Inside their home, Charlotte and her husband are struggling with their marriage and parenting their young children. Charlotte meets a young and beautiful woman named Mia who resembles a younger and more carefree version of herself. Charlotte presents Mia with an offer she is not able to refuse at the point in her life. What comes next is a series of events that quickly begin to unfurl out of anyone’s control!

My Thoughts:

I read this on Kindle and listened on Audible with Whispersync. The narrators were amazing!

I definitely didn’t see the ending coming! I had my thoughts of what I thought was going to happen, but it definitely went beyond my thoughts with this crazy ending!

The book is told from Charlotte and Mia’s point of view from one chapter to the next. It was set up well to get inside the minds of both women. I disliked both characters and found them both to be unlikable narrators.

This is a good read by Lucy Dawson, and I will definitely read another book by her soon!


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