Book Review: The Wives by Tarryn Fisher


Thursday lives a different life than most wives. She sees her husband one day a week, because he is visiting his other wives the other days of the week………yes, he has two other wives.

One day, she finds a piece of paper when doing laundry that leads Thursday to begin investigating the appointment for one of his other wives. Thursday finds out that Hannah is pregnant when she visits Hannah and befriends her. After seeing bruises on Hannah, Thursday fears the worst for Hannah and the baby. This leads her down a dangerous road of discovery about the third wife and finding out more information about her husband.

My Thoughts:


How crazy and amazing is this book??! I loved it, even thought I was distraught the whole time! Fabulous writing by Tarryn Fisher. I couldn’t put this book down! I read a lot of psychological thrillers that have similar themes and tend to get blended together when I’m thinking about them, but this book was definitely unique!!

Sit back and get on this wild ride and read The Wives!

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