New book review: The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell


When Libby turned 25, she received a letter in the mail detailing the details of who her parents are. In addition to this shocking information, she finds out that she is also the sole beneficiary to their abandoned mansion.

Twenty five years ago, police came to the home when there were reports of a baby crying. When they arrived, Libby was in her crib and there were three dead bodies in the home.

What follows is a twisted story of Libby’s family that switches from past to present and follows other characters as well.

My Thoughts:

5/5 stars for this book! Although this was one of three books I read in a matter of about three months about cult scenarios, this was my favorite of all three of the books with the subject area being a cult.

The characters are complex and flawed while you find out why they behaved specific ways. The shifting points of view help to understand the rationale of the thought process of the characters.

I definitely recommend this book! Lisa Jewell knocked it out of the park again!

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