Book review: Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson


Peter Swanson delivers again with a suspenseful thriller. Malcolm Kershaw is the owner of Old Devils, which is an independent book store in Boston. Malcolm is approached by an FBI agent about a blog post Malcolm wrote years ago about the eight most perfect murders appearing in mysteries and thrillers novels. Apparently, there is a murderer using Malcolm’s list to commit similar murders in real life based on the murders featured in the books. Malcolm becomes caught up in this twisted real life series of murders based on these fictional mysteries.

My Thoughts:

What an incredibly intelligent and well written book! Peter Swanson has written some of the best thrillers I’ve read in the past few years. Swanson delivers again with another clever thriller. This novel has the most surprising twists and turns that I never expected! The references to many well known thrillers such as Agatha Christie, Ira Levin, and Patricia Highsmith was a great use of using the literary device of allusion throughout this novel for those of us who love reading mysteries.

If you like a great mystery that is not predictable and keeps you guessing throughout, pick up Eight Perfect Murders!

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