Book review: Every Vow You Break by Peter Swanson


Abigail Baskin never pictured herself marrying a millionaire like Bruce Lamb. Bruce seems perfect and provides Abigail with anything she ever would want.

The weekend of Abigail’s bachelorette party at a winery, Abigail regretfully had a one night stand with a man she met one night by the fire after her friends all went to sleep. She didn’t give him her real name, and she decides not to tell Bruce about her indiscretion.

Prior to the wedding, the mystery man tracks Abigail down to tell her that he feels that they had a connection and tries to get her to call off her wedding. Abigail wants this man out of her life so she can live happily ever after with her new husband.

After the wedding, Abigail and Bruce head to a remote luxury island resort in which Abigail begins to question everything.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed the first half of this book and the suspense that built, but the second half got a little far fetched and chaotic.

I usually enjoy Peter Swanson’s books, and I love how he builds suspense and develops the characters in his books. Swanson is a talented writer, but this book was not my favorite. I definitely will continue to buy Swanson’s next book, because he is a master at building plot and suspense.

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