Audible Review: Sleeping Dogs Lie by Samantha Downing


Sleeping Dogs Lie is a dark and clever novella by Samantha Downing. This novella is told from two different perspectives: Shelby and Detective Carla Grady.

Shelby is a dog walker for a husky named Pluto. When Shelby returns one morning with Pluto, she finds his owner deceased.

Detective Grady is stumped while looking for murder suspects, although she does dig up some motives. There is a neighbor who states that Pluto kept attacking his dog, and there is also a business partner who was unhappy.

My Thoughts:

If you enjoy dark comedy, you will enjoy this novella! It is just a little over 2 hours long.

It is quick paced and kept me guessing the whole time. I definitely couldn’t have seen this ending coming!!

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