Book review: The Next Wife by Kaira Rouda


Kate and John Nelson were the ultimate power couple. Together they founded an extremely successful company while raising their daughter Ashlyn.

Kate never saw it coming that John was having an affair with a much younger woman named Tish. After leaving Kate for Tish, John begins to regret the impulsive decision he made to walk away from a happy marriage for a younger woman.

Tish is on top of the world. She feels like she has it all now…….money and power.

The fight between Tish and Kate has an unexpected twist which leads to a major power struggle between the first wife and the next wife.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely love Kaira Rouda. She has a distinctly unique style of writing that’s dark and witty while also creating suspense.

The Next Wife did not disappoint. These female characters will lead to the shock and awe of the reader. I kept thinking I knew what would happen next, but Rouda surprised me over and over again!

If you haven’t read Kaira Rouda books, you need to check them out! The Next Wife is definitely worth the read!

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