Book review: Just My Luck by Adele Parks


It’s like a dream come true; Lexi and Jake won the lottery! After playing the same 6 numbers for 15 years with their group of friends, everyone has dropped out of the group except Lexi and Jake right before the numbers hit.

If this doesn’t sound like it’s heading for disaster, I’m not sure what is!

Are the friends entitled to the winnings? Will Lexi and Jake have the same vision for their millions in winnings? Secrets are exposed and friendships are stretched to the limits.

My Thoughts:

I’ve never read an Adele Parks book that I didn’t enjoy! This kept my attention the whole way though, and I read it quickly.

Some of the twists and turns I definitely saw coming, but it still was an enjoyable read!

If you’ve never read an Adele Parks book, what are you waiting for??

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