Book review: Night Shift by Alex Finlay


New Year’s Eve 1999: four girls are murdered at a Blockbuster and one survives

15 years later in the same town: four teenagers attacked at a local ice cream store and only one survives

Both victims remember the killer saying, “Goodnight Pretty Girl.”

Did the police get it wrong 15 years ago when someone was arrested for the first murder at Blockbuster?

Three perspectives narrate this thriller: Sarah, Chris, and Ella.

Sarah is the FBI agent from Finlay’s hit Every Last Fear. Chris Ford is a lawyer, and Ella is a therapist.

The captivating thriller unfolds throughout the three stories.

My Thoughts:

This was a great thriller just like Every Last Fear. Alex Finlay delivered two solid back to back thrillers.

I definitely recommend this book! It’s done so well and will keep you hooked until the end!

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