Book review: The Family Across the Street by Nicole Trope


Hogarth Street is an idyllic family street that every family would long to reside.

John and Katherine West and their twins have mostly kept to themselves. On this particular hot day in this Australian neighborhood, gunshots are heard in the afternoon.

The novel then shifts back to the morning when a delivery driver, Logan, attempts to deliver a package to Katherine. She seems to be distraught and will not open the door. Logan has an uneasy feeling and can’t shake the concern about Katherine throughout the day.

The narrators shift between Katherine, Logan, and Gladys (a neighbor).

My Thoughts:

I never heard of Nicole Trope and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book.

From the first page, I was invested in the story and what was going on with Katherine in her house. It is so fast paced and enthralling that it kept me guessing and then guessing again what was going to happen!

I definitely recommend this book!

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