Book Review: Everything We Didn’t Say by Nicole Baart


Juniper Baker has returned to her hometown of Jericho, Idaho and a plethora of bad memories. After Juniper experienced the brutal murder of her neighbors, Cal and Beth Murphy, Juniper left not long after and had no desire to visit for longer than holidays.

Juniper’s friend has reached out to her to help her run their local library while she is sick. Juniper also hopes to repair her relationship with her teen daughter that her parents have been raising.

When tragedy strikes close to home, Juniper begins to dive in and figure out what happened to her neighbors years ago and to find a link with the current situation.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed the storyline and loved the ending. The novel was set with the story of 14 years ago and then to present and shifted back and forth throughout.

The only setback for me was it was a little slow through the middle portion and dragged at times. The ending definitely made up for it!

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