Book review: The New Wife by Sue Watson


Sam and Lauren were childhood sweethearts and now are finally married. The newlyweds do not have much of a honeymoon period because one is found dead just 3 months later in their secluded cottage in the woods.

My Thoughts:

Watson does an excellent job of setting the scenery for the cottage in the woods that Sam and Lauren have resided. She has a way with her writing that makes you feel as if you are right there!

I have liked every one of Sue Watson’s books, but this was probably my least favorite. I always love the twists and turns of Watson’s books, and I really liked the shocking way it ended!

The protagonist, Georgie, was just such an unlikeable character for me. I would have preferred an alternating narrator maybe including Lauren in the past or Lauren’s mother.

Nevertheless, I will always pick up Sue Watson books in expectation for a twisty ending and this one had exactly that!

Thanks to Netgalley for the free advance reader’s copy of The New Wife

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