Book review: The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen


Avery Chambers is known to “fix” her clients within 10 sessions. Even though Avery has lost her license to practice medicine due to her somewhat unethical and unconventional ways of treating her clients, she still was a coveted therapist. Personally, Avery is struggling with the recent loss of her husband.

Marissa and Matthew Bishop are a beautiful, rich, and powerful couple who are struggling in their marriage. Marissa reached out to Avery for help. The only way she can help them is if they are honest about their relationship, which will be quite a struggle.

Their story unfolds from alternating narrators shifting from Marissa to Avery.

My Thoughts:

I always love the books by Hendricks and Pekkanan! This one definitely lived up to my expectations! Twists and turns and interesting characters all throughout! I was shocked at times and didn’t see that ending coming!

Thanks for Netgalley for the advanced reader’s copy of this awesome thriller!

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