Book Review: The Wife Who Knew Too Much by Michele Campbell


Tabitha Girard had a summer romance when she was a teenager with a rich, handsome local boy named Connor Ford.

Years later, Tabitha has recovered from a failed and tumultuous marriage, and she is now trying to get her life together by holding down a waitress job. One day Connor walks in while she is waitressing, and Tabitha falls in love again when she sees him. Tabitha knows all about his famous marriage to an older, wealthy woman.

After Connor’s wife takes her own life, he tells Tabitha that they can finally be together. It is just like a soap opera with a happy ending for Tabitha. She finally has money, a handsome husband, and a beautiful home. But is it really a happy ending?

My Thoughts:

Michele Campbell is one of my favorite authors! I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This book will be out June 9, 2020, and I definitely think this will be a hit novel for the summer of 2020. It has everything a great summer novel should have: scandal, romance, wealth, and mystery!

Make sure you pick up a copy in June!!

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