Ramblings from the other side of the fence…….youth sports in Pennsylvania in 2020

In 2015, Governor Tom Wolf said his goals were “jobs that pay, schools that teach and government that works.”

I voted for Tom Wolf in 2014 and in 2018 due to his stance on education differing so greatly from his opponents.

Today, as I watched my son’s football game through a hole in a fence, I really questioned what is going on in Pennsylvania. Casinos are open 24/7, strip clubs are now open, movie theaters opened, there’s a Monster Truck outdoor event 90 min from our house, a friend is going to Jennerstown Speedway tonight for a race with thousands of people, outdoor and indoor amusements are open, there is a craft show with over 150 vendors attracting hundreds of people at the fairgrounds near our house.

You can fulfill your desire to shop, watch movies, gamble, watch a race, see a monster truck show……..even see a stripper!!!! But football stadiums and other outdoor school sporting events have a maximum of 250 people and indoor sports have a capacity of 25 people.

My son did receive one ticket for the scrimmage today. My husband went inside to watch the game and offered to switch, but I stayed to watch it from the fence. I don’t know what happens when the band and cheerleaders come. I don’t know if anyone knows. Will grandparents get to watch a senior? Will you get to watch your favorite nephew play?

Hockey games cannot be played at this point with 5 on 5 and teams of 15-20 for most teams. They reach capacity before there would be coaches, referees, an EMT………and don’t even think about letting parents come! At this point, my boys are getting their schedule week to week…….hoping the regulations will change soon.

So what happens if someone gets hurt? Needs to look up and see a parent’s reassuring face after a bad play?

The lack of consistency is so upsetting, and it doesn’t matter what political party you align with (I have been a registered Independent for years!).

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