Book review: Two Truths and a Lie by Meg Mitchell Moore


Sherri and her daughter moved to the beach town of Newburyport in Massachusetts to escape a dark secret from their past. Sherri meets the popular Mom Squad from her daughter’s new school and starts to be included in their activities, which is surprisingly different from their normal closed group mentality. Rebecca Coleman takes Sherri under her wing. Rebecca’s daughter, Alexa, begins to babysit for Sherri’s daughter in the evenings. Alexa also has a secret….she is operating a highly successful and profitable YouTube channel that her family doesn’t know about. The lies and truths in the small town of Newsbury twist and turn, and many of the residents are lying to themselves as much as they are lying to their peers.

My Thoughts:

This was my first book by Meg Mitchell Moore. It gave off an Elin Hilderbrand vibe, except for the fact that I didn’t find the characters as likable as I normally find Hilderbrand’s characters.

I liked the character development and the description of the beach town where Sherri and Katie escape to.

It was slow at times, but it would be a good vacation or beach read as a book that would fall into the predictable chick lit genre.

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