Book Review: The Weekend Away by Sarah Alderson


Orla and Kate have been best friends forever. Kate just went through a messy divorce, and Orla is struggling to find herself again after having a baby several months ago. The pair ventures off to a girls’ weekend in Lisbon to escape the realities in their personal lives. They rented a beautiful flat and have an amazing itinerary planned.

Their first night is filled with an expensive dinner, lots of alcohol, and catching up among friends.

Orla wakes up the next morning to find Kate is missing, and her memories of the night before are fuzzy. The police are not helpful, so Orla is on her own to investigate where Kate has gone.

My Thoughts:

This is my third book by Sarah Alderson, and she has solidified her spot with me as a reliable author of suspenseful thrillers. The twists and turns around every corner caught me by surprise. The final twist had my jaw dropping!

I definitely recommend this if you are looking for an enticing and fast paced thriller!

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