Book Review: Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane


Lila Ridgefield is a gorgeous real estate agent living in small college town. Lila’s husband, Aaron, is a beloved high school teacher who has gone missing. What the people of the town don’t know is that Lila was the last person to see Aaron, but Lila is in shock because Aaron’s body is not where it is supposed to be! It’s gone.

Ginny Davis is a smart detective who has not been recognized for her keen instincts and skills as a detective. She is insistent that Lila is involved somehow with Aaron’s disappearance. She is not going to let this one slide until she figures out the truth.

My Thoughts:

It’s amazing that this is Darby Kane’s debut novel! The perspective shifts between Lila and Ginny and also shifts between time periods. This novel highlights these two clever women who navigated throughout the case to their benefit. I loved the theme of the “strong and smart woman” throughout the novel.

The storyline is twisty and keeps the reader in suspense throughout the novel. I kept thinking I figured it out, but the ending definitely through me off! I would never have seen that coming!

I definitely recommend this domestic thriller!

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