Book Review: The Favorite Daughter by Kaira Rouda


Jane Harris lives in a beautiful home in a gated community in Orange County. Her family looked like the perfect family until tragedy struck last year, and her oldest daughter died in a tragic way.

For about a year, Jane was drugged with anti-depressants. She decides that she’s going to change that now right before her youngest daughter’s high school graduation. She is going to get herself together and have the perfect family and life again.

Her husband has planned a memorial service for their daughter who passed away. Jane realizes that things have changed over the last year. Her husband has been working long hours and her youngest daughter is rarely home and being secretive. Jane is ready to figure out what’s going on, and she’s going to get her family back to perfect whether they like it or not!

My Thoughts:

Oh I just love Kaira Rouda’s books!! These characters are just so despicable and entertaining! It’s a similar feeling to the way I feel about Joe Goldberg!

Jane was no different. It’s like a love-hate relationship, and I just had to cringe when I knew she was going to do something she shouldn’t do! Reading Jane’s point of view is similar to a dark comedy…….I was cracking up at Jane throughout the book! Jane’s wit is the highlight of this fantastic book!

If you are a fan of You, run out and grab this book!! This is an entertaining one!

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