Book review: The Push by Ashley Audrain


Blythe Conner wants to break the cycle of motherhood in her line of women and be a good mother. When Blythe and Fox give birth to Violet, they fall in love with her. But as the days pass, Blythe questions Violet. Blythe starts to wonder if maybe she’s just exhausted from being a mother because Fox doesn’t see it.

Once Blythe has her second child, Sam, she is in the most glorious state of bliss. The more she falls in love with Sam, the more she questions everything Violet says and does.

My Thoughts:

This was my first 5 star read of 2021. Ashley Audrain is a breathtaking writer with descriptive, emotional, and sentimental writing. I would consider this novel a psychological drama, not necessarily a thriller.

There are portions that get dark, deep, uncomfortable, and dismal. I cried at a few instances of the tragic sadness throughout.

The first person narrative rotates from Blythe to her mother and grandmother, but it mainly stays with Blythe. Audrain made this point of view extremely effective.

The hype surrounding The Push is real……this novel is tragic, gut wrenching, addictive, and emotionally draining!

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