Book review: That Summer by Jennifer Weiner


Daisy is busy in her life as a mom of a teenager while trying to keep up her home for her husband and her small business. Daisy is feeling a bit melancholy regarding life and a little unsettled in life in general.

When Daisy begins getting emails meant for someone named Diana Starling, she can’t help but become curious about this career driven wealthy woman. As they connect through email, they decide to connect in person. This unlikely friendship leads to the revelation of many past secrets, and people are not what they seem on the surface.

My Thoughts:

This was the best Jennifer Weiner book I’ve read in years! Many themes emerge such as revenge, friendships, and the treatment of women.

I absolutely loved the characterization which Weiner does so well. The themes in our society are so well integrated into a women’s novel that leaves us with a sense of satisfaction.

Despite the perhaps misleading title, this wouldn’t be a great vacation read due to the heavy content.

Trigger warning: if you are triggered by the #metoo movement, be prepared for the same themes in this novel.

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