Book review: The Younger Wife by Sally Hepworth


Tully and Rachel Aston’s father is getting married……but their mother is still alive and in a center for those with memory loss and confusion. This novel begins with the process of Tully and Rachel’s protesting against their father divorcing their mother who doesn’t know what is going on. It doesn’t help that the new wife is the same age as Rachel and younger than Tully.

Tully and Rachel are convinced that Heather, the new fiancé, is after their father’s money. They make it their mission to figure out Heather’s story while also dealing with their own personal demons in their lives.

Secrets remain all around…..for Heather, for Tully and Rachel, and for their mother.

My Thoughts :

Sally Hepworth does it again!! She speaks from the souls of flawed women by exposing raw secrets and making the reader love these female characters even more despite their flaws.

I would categorize this as a domestic suspenseful drama as most of Hepworth’s novels seem to focus on in a superb manner. Hepworth can dig into the flaws and raw truths of families by exposing the feelings and secrets of her female characters.

The ending of this novel will leave your jaw dropping!!

I highly recommend you pick up this book on October 21st! I finished it in a little less than 3 days. It is another fantastic product from Sally Hepworth.

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