Book review: The Mother Next Door by Tara Laskowski


The annual Halloween party in Ivy Woods is the most popular party of the year in the upscale suburb of DC. The “it” group that plans the party named themselves the Ivy Five years ago; although, one of the Ivy Five has moved away without a trace.

Teresa has moved into this exclusive neighborhood on Ivy Woods Drive and has quickly became friends with the women remaining in the Ivy Five.

The women are in the midst of planning and preparing when they begin getting messages threatening to expose past secrets.

Ghost stories of a dead bride coming back Halloween night, anonymous notes, and Halloween legends surround this year’s party, and it is anyone’s guess to how it will end.

My Thoughts:

I loved this book! It was a prefect week to read this Halloween themed domestic thriller. I am always a sucker for neighborhood dramas that include a bit of suspense.

I would categorize this as more of a domestic suspense book than thriller. I definitely love this genre! It’s always a fun read to read about suburban women with deep secrets. Such a change to my normal everyday suburban life!

This is my first book by Laskowski, but I just added two more to my “to read” list since I enjoyed her writing so much!

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