Book review: Not a Happy Family by Shari Lapena


Fred and Sheila Merton live in an upscale neighborhood and are extremely wealthy. That’s why it is a shock to the community when they are murdered in cold blood on the night of Easter.

Despite the show of being a happy family, the Merton family were not as happy as it seemed. Many secrets and scandals were behind the closed doors of the family, and there were many issues with their adult children.

Could the children have killed their parents? They would benefit by receiving millions of dollars. Could it have been random? The detectives follow many trails to find out the truth.

My Thoughts:

Shari Lapena has become one of my “go to” authors. I know when there’s a new Shari Lapena novel, it will be an amazing mystery. Not a Happy Family delivers another solid read! Each chapter rotates from a different point of view from a character.

This is a great domestic mystery and another great product of Shari Lapena!

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